A critical prerequisite to an extensive learning experience is the existence of good accommodation. To this end, the college offers separate hostels for outstation boys and girls. In Hostel, Students are provided with spacious rooms and hygienic food. Provisions have been made for indoor, outdoor games and entertainment too.


A Hostel is another home away from home. Every inmate must bear this in mind and follow the guidelines stipulated for ensuring harmony and thus make collective living a pleasure.

    1. Hostel students should strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the warden.
    2. Admission is based on applications in the prescribed form with a passport size photography affixed on it.
    3. The management with its discretion may refuse admission without assigning any reason or expel any resident of the hostel if his/her stay in is found to be detrimental to the interest of other inmates. The decision of the managements in this regard is final.
    4. Students should occupy only the allotted rooms. No Students is eligible to claim a particular room/ block/wing nor can he /she change without prior permission of the warden/deputy warden.
    5. Students should not be loitering in unauthorized places. Trespassers will be sent out of the hostel.
    6. All functions celebrated in the hostel should be done in a decent and modest fashion.
    7. Inmate going out should get out pass from the warden and should sign in the moment register and mention out time and in time. Otherwise they will be viewed very seriously
    8. Inmates should refrain from all anti-social and harmful activities, such as consumption or possession of intoxicating drugs, alcohol, gambling and reading.
    9. Students found disobeying the above rules will be expelled from the hostel /college under disciplinary grounds and has to forego his/her fees and deposit.
    10. No Students is allowed to prepare or cook anything and eat in the hostel permission.
    11. No day scholar should visit the hostel without the permission of the warden .If necessary, they should produce a letter in writing stating the purpose of visit, in which the time of entry and departure should also be clearly mentioned.
    12. Hostel students should not invite their relatives and plead for their overnight stay.
    13. Table fans, radio, TV, Cameras, Computer and other electrical appliances should not be used without prior permission of the warden.
    14. Visitors are allowed on all Sunday from 9.00am to 6.00pm only. No permission will be granted on other days.
    15. Students are to keep up their prestige and status and are not to mingle with staff/sub-staff beyond limits. If found so, the Students will be sent out of the hostel/college.
    16. No students should bring pets to their rooms (eg. dogs, kitten, parrots, rabbits, aquarium etc,)
    17. Dhobis and barbers authorized by the college only should be engaged.
    18. Hot water coupons must be purchased from the warden on the appointed days and it will be served on demand, only during the month when it is absolutely required.
    19. Hostel inmates are allowed to go out during weekends only once a month with the permission of the warden.
    20. All inmates should maintain absolute silence during study hours i.e. morning 5 am to 7 am evening 6.30 pm to 8 pm and 9 pm to 10.30 pm.
    21. Inmates occupying the rooms individually and collectively are responsible for the furniture and electrical fittings. in case of any loss/damage to the hostel property, cost of repair/replacement will be charged on the students /students occupying the rooms.
    22. Vegetarian food is served on all working days.However, on Sundays; non-vegetarian dishes will be served additionally.
    23. No food will be served after the mess hours. Students should come neatly dressed, sit in a decent posture and should not make commotion in the dining halls.
    24. Food will not be served in rooms. On certain occasions, when the students are confined to bed due to illness, the warden may instruct the concerned to do the needful, if needed.
    25. Washing hands in the plates is forbidden in the dining hall.
    26. No students are allowed to enter the kitchen without the prior permission of the warden.


Practice based elements of student provision in a protected learning environment.

Regular industrial visits and guest lectures.

Established a Central Computering facility for 24 hours Internet, software development & Testing and latest technologies with all the latest software and operating systems such as Windows 98/2000/XP and Linux 9.

Language lab with Video Broad casting capability.

  • !  75% of our students are placed in various MNC'S

    !  Gust Lectures, Seminars, Symposiums And Industrial Visits are arranged to gather more knowledge

    !  Special Classes are arranged for weak students

    !  Students are personally counseled to improve their academic performance

    !  Personality Development Programs & Groups Discussions are conducted for the students

    !  Faculty Development Programs are conducted for the benefit of faculties