The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is at the heart of the twenty first century economy. Electrical Engineering (sometimes referred to as Electrical and Electronics Engineering) is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the study and application of electricity, Electronics and electromagnetism.

Electrical and Electronics engineering involves the generation, storage and use of electricity, and also the transmission and transformation of information. Electrical and Electronics engineers create and design new electrical, Electronics and computer products, and also analyses, manage and redesign existing systems.

To get some idea of the wide range of influence of electrical and Electronics engineers, consider some of the technological advances we take for granted every day, such as electric heat and lighting, nationwide electrical power, mobile phones, digital television, fly-by- wire aircraft, medical imaging systems, hybrid cars and robotic space exploration. Electrical and Electronics engineers have played a major role in the development of all of these.


Electrical Machines Lab.

Power Electronics Lab.

Instrumentation and Contrrol Systems Lab.

Measurement and Instrumentation Lab.

Power Simulation Lab.

Electrical circuits Lab.

Analog and Digital Electronics Lab.

Department Library

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