Continuous interface and networking with industries, government`, business organization, research institution and professional associations is carried out to give emphasis on academic inputs and resources in all levels of organizations.

To create a model educational institution contributing to innovations, entrepreneurship and technology management for our country.

Leverage on ancient oriental wisdom and provide impetus from their study, research and application such as relevant to industry and community needs.

Provide environment to foster students’ intellectual competencies, health and total development of personality.

To enrich the role of teachers as learning process facilitators.

Eco-friendly technology sources and study of non-conventional energy sources.

Developing value based managerial and technical competencies. Thus be an institution of generating worthy, combated and competent professional graduates who apply theory to practice.

  • Diploma Auto Mobile Engineering
  • Diploma Civil Engineering
  • Diploma Computer Engineering
  • Diploma Electrical and Electronics
  • Diploma Electronics and Communication
  • Diploma Mechanical Engineering


Student must be punctual for each lecture and laboratory classes, late comers will not be allowed.

Students are expected to follow the wardrobe discipline.

Students are not allowed to roam in the college campus during their class hours.

They should come back to their respective classes without any delay after the break.

The students who do not pay the bus fees are strictly not allowed to travel by the college bus. The students traveling by college bus are required to submit a recent stamp size photograph for the issue of bus identity card.

The students while traveling by college bus are expected to behave decently and keep up the name of the college.

Severe action will be taken on students who fail to maintain discipline in the bus.

Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited and punishable under law.

Students are strictly warned and strongly advices not to indulge in celebration of any kind inside the college campus.

  • !  75% of our students are placed in various MNC'S

    !  Gust Lectures, Seminars, Symposiums And Industrial Visits are arranged to gather more knowledge

    !  Special Classes are arranged for weak students

    !  Students are personally counseled to improve their academic performance

    !  Personality Development Programs & Groups Discussions are conducted for the students

    !  Faculty Development Programs are conducted for the benefit of faculties